Bonjour les amis!

I have been silent for a while on my blog... but it is good to be back, for beginning of the year 2017!

There is something that I have been working on with my partner Adam during the whole year of 2016 and that I absolutely wanted to share with you. This project was a slow process but it surely start to show its true colors, flourishing and growing month after month.

Back in 2014 I did a post on the garden we have built in our previous house. And as we moved in our new home in January last year, we had to start all over it again, moving also our numerous plants, which was a massive job as you can imagine!

We have dedicated a lot of weekends and spare time, to landscape this place, planting, cleaning & creating! We have collected a lots type of bromelias, orchids, air plants and succulents over the last past three years and we have displayed them as the main feature. We use the trees to hang and attached these plants, creating lots of textures and colors.

I will post more photos of the evolution of our living project in the coming months!

A bientôt! xxx